FS3 is a unified skills and combat system designed specifically for MUSHing.


  • Fully-featured Skills, Chargen and Combat system.
  • Dice mechanics are geared towards MUSHes.

The FS3 system is copyright 2007-2008 by Linda Naughton (aka Faraday). All rights reserved. You may reproduce and distribute part or all of these rules and create derivative works (games using FS3) providing a) You don’t make any money from it, and b) You include this FS3 copyright and license notice in the distribution.


Detailed documentation for the FS3 system is available in a format suitable for a Wikidot wiki.


There is a lot to customize in FS3. See the Configuration Instructions.


Want a behind-the-scenes look at FS3 to understand how the code actually works? Check out the Mechanics page.

You might also be interested in a Comparison between FS3 and other common dice systems.


Special thanks to Dad, Cags, David and Greg for helping out with the mechanics.