This code is no longer maintained. It’s been stable for years so you’re more than welcome to use it, but no more features/fixes are forthcoming. You might consider AresMUSH instead.

This site describes Faraday’s Softcode package for PennMUSH. This package contains a variety of common code systems - everything from simple globals (like +who and +where) to more complex systems (+mail and +events), to a full-fledged skills and combat system (FS3).

Important Note This code requires a fair amount of MUSH code knowledge to get it set up and configured properly.


The code is designed to be used as a package, but it is modular to an extent. The Core Modules are essential, and it will be very difficult to do away with any of them. The FS3 character creation system is also pretty central to the package but you can substitute a different chargen system as long as it sets up the basic character attributes. The rest of the Addons, but the rest are reasonably self-contained and can be uninstalled if you don’t want them.


Read important License and Copyright information.


The Installation pages contain detailed information about how to install, upgrade and modify the systems.

You can also find details about the changes in each Release and how to get each version.

Mailing List

You can join the Mailing List to ask questions, report problems, and receive updates about new releases.

Bug Tracker

You can also submit bugs directly via the Bug Tracker

Code Repository

For the coders among you who may want to see detailed changes, the code is available via GIT (read-only) on GitHub.